Painting is a way for me to depict things that can't be conjured by words
Finnish Artist – Born in Lidingö, 1984

Event Information:

  • Wed

    “Lieds Evolution” Hommage to Yrjö Kilpinen From your unknown grand child Exhibition Opening

    17-20Mainostoimisto & Galleria Stadio Thurmaninaukio 10, Kauniainen


    Innvitation to Lieds Evolution Exhibition Opening

    Welcome to "Lieds Evolution" Vernissage 30.11.2016 from 17.00-20.00.  We will be serving sparkling wine with small snacks.  

    Special Independence Day Celebration 99 years of Finland 06.12.2016 from 12.00-16.00.  There will be a musical performance and sparkling wine with small snacks.  


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